1 /'kwestSFn/ noun (C)
1 ASKING FOR INFORMATION a sentence or phrase that asks for information: ask (sb) a question: They asked me a lot of questions about my work experience. | May I ask a question? | answer a question: Answer three out of five questions on the exam paper. | Does anyone have any questions?
—see ask
2 SUBJECT/PROBLEM a subject or problem that needs to be settled, discussed, or dealt with; issue 1 (1): Several questions had still not been resolved. | This brings us to the question of government funding. | the question is: The question is, do I take the job in Japan, or stay here?
3 DOUBT a feeling of doubt about something: raise questions about: This incident raises further questions about the effectiveness of airport security. | there is no question (=there is no doubt): He's by far the best, there's no question about it. | open to question (=likely or able to be doubted): The wisdom of this policy is open to question.
4 without question
a) without any doubt: Marilyn was, without question, a very beautiful woman.
b) if you obey an order without question, you obey immediately and do not complain at all
5 there's no question of used to say that there is no possibility of something happening: There is no question of the government holding talks with terrorists.
6 in question the things, people etc in question are the ones that are being discussed or talked about: The goods in question had been stolen.
7 be a question of used when you are giving the most important fact, part, or feature or something: Dance is a question of control and creative expression. | I would love to come, but it's a question of time.
8 out of the question not possible or not allowed: You can't go to the wedding in that old shirt - it's quite out of the question.
9 it's just a question of spoken used to say that something is easy or not complicated: It's just a question of putting in a couple of screws.
10 pop the question informal humorous to ask someone to marry you: Simon finally plucked up the courage to pop the question.
11 good question! spoken used to show that you do not know the answer to a question: “How can we afford this?” “Good question!”
—see also: leading question leading 1 (4), rhetorical question rhetorical (1), beg the question beg (5), call into question call 1 (21) 2 verb (T)
1 to ask someone questions to find out what they know about something, especially about a crime: We're taking them in for questioning. | question sb about: The police questioned him about the missing $10,000. | question sb closely (=ask them a lot of difficult questions to find out exactly what they know)
2 to have doubts about something or tell someone about these doubts: Are you questioning the truth of what I'm saying? | It makes me question the whole basis of the research.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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